Jasmine Earl Grey Wholesale Tin

Loose Leaf Tea | Black
Blending Notes

AROMA: Floral & citrus
PALATE: Sweet, uplifting finish
PURPOSE: Inspiration

Intoxicating jasmine and bergamot intertwine in this green and black blend of tealeaves.


Estate black tea, cornflowers, natural jasmine oil and natural bergamot oil

BLEND NO. 3532

Our Master Blender intended this blend to have jasmine's natural scent and the bergamot oil harmoniously blended, with the sweetness of jasmine leading, followed by a wondrous citrus character. The type of bergamot oil used in an Earl Grey blend makes an immense difference. Natural bergamot essential oil has a more subtle, but well-defined, flavour with zest and a genuine citrus intensity. Conversely, synthetic bergamot is more one-dimensional, having a tendency to taste timid in the cup. The former is what we have always chosen to use at TEALEAVES.

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