Lucky Envelope Kit

Signature Teabags | Assortments

Order in quantities of 60 units per master case.

This kit contains 2 individually wrapped Signature pyramid teabags: Organic Long Life Green and Organic Imperial Oolong.


ORGANIC LONG LIFE GREEN: Organic green tea and organic marigold flowers

ORGANIC IMPERIAL OOLONG: Organic imperial oolong

NO. 8168

Organic Long Life Green: Known as "Flourishing Spring" or "Yu Chin Cha," this organic green tea is selected from Chun Mee (small, twisted leaf) with a small percentage of Foong Mee (larger, curly leaf).

Imperial Tung Ting Oolong: Tung Ting ("Frozen Summit") varietal oolong leaves, grown in the ancient mountains of San Lan Shih.

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