Jasmine Lemon Wholesale Case

Loose Leaf Iced Tea | Green

Each case contains 36 pouches of loose leaf iced tea (100g each). Each pouch makes 3 gallons.

Blending Notes

AROMA: Delicate floral perfume
PALATE: Smooth and fresh with citrus overtones


Green tea, jasmine blossom, lemon zest, and lemon flavor

BLEND NO. 9906

A classic jasmine green tea is freshened up with the invigorating taste of lemon, creating a well-curated, perfectly blended drink that simultaneously rejuvenates and soothes.

A flower of both cultural and practical significance, jasmine is symbolic of numerous nations and is used in a wide variety of contexts – from the making of tea to being in essential oils used in perfumes. This tea boasts an infusion of dried jasmine flowers, with its fragrance and flavors acting independently while being absorbed in the China green tealeaves. Lemon flavor is added for an extra layer of complexity, adding a sharp vitality to the finished product.

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