Garden of Secrets Sampler

Loose Leaf Tea | Herbal
Blending Notes

AROMA: Minty & fresh
PALATE: Earthy richness with a subtly sweet finish
PURPOSE: Blooming inspiration

Step into the Garden with this earthy, eclectic melange reminiscent of obscure tonics and elixirs.

100% of the proceeds for this blend go to UBC Botanical Garden.


Organic chamomile, organic peppermint, allspice, ginger, licorice, basil, yarrow flowers, hawthorn leaves, birch bark

BLEND NO. 1250

Blended by Botanists, for biodiversity. Step into the garden with this earthy, eclectic melange, reminiscent of obscure tonics and elixirs. All proceeds of this blend go towards the UBC Botanical Garden to safeguard biodiversity.

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