Decaf English Breakfast - 100 Count

Classic Teabags | Black
Blending Notes

AROMA: Sweet and malty
PALATE: Medium body
PURPOSE: Medium antioxidants and caffeine-reduced

Supercritical CO2 decaffeination creates a lighter, malty body. Perfect for those who want a traditional breakfast tea with reduced caffeine.


Decaffeinated black tea

BLEND NO. 2220

When looking to make changes in our packaging, we deeply examined innovative leaders in this field. NatureFlex, a backyard compostable renewable material, was selected to transition out our plastic packaging. Made of Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified birch and eucalyptus wood pulp, NatureFlex is an industry-leading innovation in sustainable tea packaging. The NatureFlex envelopes reduce plastic waste, while safeguarding the quality and delicate complexity of the tea leaves themselves. Compared to an estimated 100 to 500 years for petroleum-based plastics, the envelopes will take up to 6 months to break-down in garden compost.

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