Organic Lychee Retail Tin

Loose Leaf Tea | Green

Order in quantities of 6 units per mastercase.

Blending Notes

AROMA: Enveloping floral bouquet
PALATE: Soft & exotically mellow
PURPOSE: A sweet treat

Chinese green tea hand-perfumed with a sweet and complex bouquet of lychee.


Organic green tea, natural lychee flavor

BLEND NO. 5501

Cultivated in China since the 11th century, lychees, a member of the soapberry family, have a similar texture to grapes and the sweet flavor of citrus and rose. Traditionally, lychee fruit would be combined with tealeaves and infused together to create lychee tea. Our Master Blender has re-created this time-tested method in our fragrant loose leaf Organic Lychee green tea.

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