Monsoon Chai - 50 Count

Signature Teabags | Black
Blending Notes

AROMA: Rich & spicy
PALATE: Decadent, rich spiciness
MOOD: Exotic

Authentic spices & layers of flavor honor the rich heritage of this exotic blend.

Pantone Collaboration

Speaking to the exotic natures and origins of our Monsoon Chai, the Elephant is the muse. TEALEAVES x Pantone Color Institute™ brought the Elephant to life through color with PANTONE 205 C.


Black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, natural flavors

BLEND NO. 2234

Masala Chai – literally, spiced tea – is made with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs. There is generally no fixed recipe for Masala Chai in India and traditionally, many families have their own versions of the tea. Enjoy the tradition of Masala Chai in a teabag with our Monsoon Chai.

Our blending philosophy is to use high-quality spices with strong, aromatic character and to carefully balance the competitive notes of cardamom against the mouth-numbing cloves and strong cinnamon. Evoke the mystery of far-off lands with a cup of this richly-spiced elixir of life.

"Dazzling and dynamic, this bright, vibrant pink is passionate and playful."
- Laurie Pressman | Vice-President, Pantone Color Institute

To evoke the ethos of Monsoon Chai, TEALEAVES and Pantone Color Institute conducted an Exploration in TEA + COLOR + MOOD. 

TEA: Monsoon Chai
MOOD: Exotic
MUSE: The Elephant

To complete the experience, Pantone Color Institute™ selected a color that would elicit the mood and champion the muse. This color was PANTONE 205 C.

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