Organic Emperor's Jasmine Retail Tin

Loose Leaf Tea | White

Order in quantities of 6 units per mastercase.

Blending Notes

AROMA: Golden blossoms
PALATE: Delicate with soft notes
PURPOSE: Illustrious celebration

Delicate cup, pale celadon liquor, heady aroma and conspicuous palate.


Organic white tea scented with jasmine blossoms seven times in the imperial tradition

BLEND NO. 3055

The Fuzhou area of the Fujian province is famous for its jasmine tea and evening air, both perfumed by the fragrant bushes which grow along the banks of the Min River. The jasmine blossoms are picked during the heat of the day, when the flowers are closed tight. The tea is scented in the cool of the evening when the blossoms open, releasing their intoxicating scent. The blossoms are heaped in piles next to the drying tealeaves, which absorb the fragrance of the jasmine. This is repeated up to seven times for the most prized jasmine teas. It is important to use fresh, cold water (use reverse osmosis, low mineral water) that has a high oxygen content with white teas - particularly teas of single estate varietal. Our Organic Jasmine white tea is best drunk in the morning, when your palate is fresh.

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